Fermented Foods Recipes: 50+ to Get You Started (2024)

In case you’ve yet to delve into fermenting, these tips and easy fermentation recipes for beginners will get you started! These fermenting recipes are an easy way to extend the life of fresh produce while adding flavor and probiotics to the food.

Originally published in August 2015; this post has been updated.

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We Love Fermented Foods

And we’ve expanded our repertoire: No longer limited to fermenting vegetables, we’ve tried our hands at fermenting fruit, sauces, and seeds, too! The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods is easy to encourage in a wide variety of foods.

Why Ferment?

  • Naturally fermented foods recipes are host to natural probiotics and promote a healthy digestive system.
  • It’s a great way to preserve your garden goodness.
  • Fermented foods are delicious.
  • Getting started is easy.
  • Read this to find out more about the difference between pickling and fermenting.

Municipal tap water contains chlorine, which can inhibit fermentation, so be sure to use filtered water or distilled water instead. A Berkey water filter provides clean water that’s free of toxins. Great for making your drinking water free of chemicals, but perfect for fermentation, too.

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Lacto-fermentationis the process used when we make fermented vegetables, fruits, and even kombucha.Lactobacillusbacteria converts sugars into lactic acid. This good bacteriainhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. The lactobacillus organisms that develop when we ferment food preserves it, but it’s also a boon to our digestive tract. Foods fermented in this way develop the probiotics that we’ve heard so much about in recent years.

The fermentation process calls for combining fresh produce with salt or covering it in a brine and letting it sit at room temperature for several days or weeks.

Not quite ready to dive into the recipes? Head over here for a complete guide to home fermentation.

Getting Started with Fermented Foods:

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50+ Fermented Food Recipes to Try

The toughest part of fermenting? Taking the first step to try something different. Once you clear that (mental) hurdle, it’s easy. These recipes for fermented foods bring together garden fresh veggies and probiotics for your digestive system.

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The Handcrafted Pantry

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Fermented Vegetable Recipes

Vegetables are probably the most well-known of the fermented food recipes. Everybody knows about sauerkraut, right?

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Fermented Condiments

Spread on the fermented food goodness with these easy recipes.

Fermented Foods Recipes: 50+ to Get You Started (6)

Fermented Fruit

Adding fermented foods to your diet — like these fruit ferments — offers up a whole new way to preserve the harvest in jars.

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Fermented Drinks

Drink up with these delicious recipes for making liquid fermented foods.

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Fermented Dairy Products

Yep, dairy can be fermented, too! Check out these recipes.

  • Creme Fraiche [Attainable Sustainable]
  • Sour Cream [Attainable Sustainable]
  • Milk Kefir [Attainable Sustainable]
  • No-Measure Yogurt[Attainable Sustainable]
Fermented Foods Recipes: 50+ to Get You Started (2024)


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